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Information about David Bowen

Contact information and CV.


Working on improvements where I poll the MELCloud API (more)

Weather in Breighton

Information about the local weather (more)

Jack the bear comes to stay

The toy bear from Emma's class is visiting over Christmas (more)

OpenID for david@myforest.com

This is currently a bit of an experiment to see how OpenID works out for me. (more)

How Can Computers Help at Home?

It seems a shame to plough through the drudge at home when we have shiny computers that can do the grunt work for us. (more)

How Much Milk Should My Baby Drink?

As a new parent with Emma I was never quite sure if she was drinking the right amount, so when we had Cameron I put a system in place. This is an article about the data that we got. (more)

Search MyForest.Com Using OpenSearch

I've made it easy for anyone to search MyForest.Com using OpenSearch. If you are in Firefox you should have an indication that a new search engine is available in your search bar in the menu area. (more)

Timelines Have Been Unified

The separation of the public view of the photos was getting too artifical so the timelines have been unified (more)

Baby Bracketing With a Camera

I'm starting to learn about how to take photos of Emma (more)

We've Moved to Open Source Software

We've taken the plunge to move from Windows (more)

Holiday in New Zealand

We popped off to New Zealand for a month over Christmas to see Andy and Phil. (more)

Getting information whilst travelling

I've developed an application using the .Net Compact Framework that helps collect information about travel problems. Please let me know if you want me to develop it further. (more)

GPS on your Bike

I've been trying to figure out how to do this for a while. (more)

Index Server Doesn't Work

I've run out of patience with software that wastes my time. (more)

Lost and Found

If you have found something that looks lost and it has the "MyForest.Com" branding on it then please send an e-mail to LostAndFound@MyForest.Com and we will sort it out.

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